Marci picked us up at the airport and took us to our lovely hotel...and had everything I would need for the puppies: x-pen, food, water, water dishes, toys, even shampoo to bathe them the next morning in the hotel sink. Marci and I had a great visit and a lovely room service dinner that evening. She was back the next morning to take us to the photo shoot. The photographer of the shoot was the official photographer for the Westminster Kennel Club Shows. He was so nice and had a team of 5 assistants helping him....including a dog setter, lighting person, 2 guys working on the shots on computers and the producer who was responsible for handling all of my arrangements. 

Amethyst Labradors

Both Colin and Lilly each had there own session with the photographer, he had an exact pose he wanted for each of them. The entire shoot took around an hour for the end he was very pleased with the shots he got...and then they invited us to join them for a lovely catered lunch. We had a little time afterwards before he headed to the airport to catch our flight home for the evening. It was such a great and fun experience, Colin and Lilly had a blast and loved all the attention they got from everyone on their journey...and I was so proud of what good puppies they both were. So...the next time your see a bag of Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food you can say "that is an Amethyst Lab puppy on the cover"!

Karen Turner

Amethyst Labradors

...and YES we do feed Pro Plan to our dogs!

Purina Pro Plan Cover Shoot

Amethyst's The King's Speech..."Colin"

In April of 2012 my friend Marci Sale (Eastern Area Manager

for Nestle Purina PetCare, also the breeder/co-owner of my

Quincy) put the word out she was looking for 7-10 week old

yellow Lab puppies for a Pro Plan photo shoot in St. Louis. I

sent Marci a note and told her I had yellow pups that would

be 7 weeks old the following week...but honestly thinking I would never hear from her since she needed these puppies in St. Louis and we were all the way in Tuscon. However, within minutes she called me and asked if I could come to St. Louis the next week and bring 2 yellow puppies. All expenses paid...of course I said YES!!! So the next week I took puppies Colin and Lilly a week early for their puppy shots and health certificates and the next morning I boarded a plan to St Louis with two fairly big 7 week old puppies. What a fantastic adventure we had!